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Multiple Learning

Multiple Learning of Educational Activities

    Jian Guo Elementary School offers general education including Chinese, Taiwanese, English, math, science, art, PE, social studies, farming, International education, and music. We expect our students to have a comprehensive learning experience throughout their six years at Jian Guo. In additional to the regular curriculum, we create various kinds of activities every semester and encourage them to participate in competitions.  We have an annual Sport Day, Mother’s Day performance and swimming training as well as Christmas, Halloween, Lunar Chinese New Year celebrations every year. Each semester, we have recorder playing, English/Chinese reciting/storytelling, calligraphy and archery competitions. There are also after school clubs like Chinese yo-yo, Taekwondo, pop dancing, drumming, Ukulele, chess, knitting, skating, football, basketball, art and tennis for students to cultivate their interests and to show their talents.